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WYLEE MITCHELL   Suggest Change

DOB: 07-24-2024     Gender: x    Professional: No

Total Prize Collected: $ 22,785.45

Results by event

Barrel Racing

OrderHorse Time Pos Category Event DateEarnings
SMOKEY GOLD JACK13.7690 Performances The American 03/01/2022$5,373
SMOKEY GOLD JACK13.7360 Semi-Finals Semi-Finals Long Go 02/25/2022$1,000
VISTA GOLD JACK18.550 Friday Open Greg Olson Futurity 01/14/2022$271
SMOKEY GOLD JACK17.0980 Friday Open Greg Olson Futurity 01/14/2022$473
SMOKEY GOLD JACK14.2250 Semi Finals Buy Back Round The American 02/24/2021$0
SMOKEY GOLD JACK25.3449 Semi Final Performance 1 The American 02/25/2018$0
SMOKEY GOLD JACK13.95525 Semi Finals Slack The American 02/25/2018$500
SMOKEY GOLD JACK15.5432 Shootout 3D The Patriot Barrel Race 02/22/2018$3,211
LIL RED RUDY15.759147 Open Qualifier The Patriot Barrel Race 02/22/2018$0
SMOKEY GOLD JACK16.078313 Open Qualifier The Patriot Barrel Race 02/22/2018$315
LIL RED RUDY17.254 Qualifier The American Qualifier #26 - New Years Bustin Out 12/31/2017$863
LIL RED RUDY17.256 Open 5D Sunday New Years Bustin Out 12/29/2017$466
LIL RED RUDY17.85420 Open 5D Saturday New Years Bustin Out 12/29/2017$717
SMOKEY GOLD JACK14.0123 Thursday Performance The American 02/19/2017$2,402
SMOKEY GOLD JACK14.0129 Semi-Finals Shootout The American 02/19/2017$6,006
SMOKEY GOLD JACK14.04819 Semi-Finals Slack The American 02/19/2017$1,189